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Online Services Collaboration Agreement

This is an agreement between www.dayapartment.com, with registered office at c / Encina, 1, 28607 El Álamo Madrid (hereinafter AGENT) and the Contributor (data appear in our database after having accepted this collaboration agreement. The name of the accommodation will appear here when the loading process is finished) (hereinafter the apartment, dedicated to providing temporary accommodation (hereinafter ACCOMMODATION).

  Collaborator and his accommodation

The collaborator is the owner or manager (hereinafter Collaborator) of the property, mentioned below, and wishes to rent this accommodation for a limited period of time (hereinafter Accommodation). Likewise, it declares in this act that it is not a dwelling of habitual use and that it complies with the applicable laws of the Community of Madrid, where it is located-s said dwelling-s, through Decree 79/2014, of 10 of July 2014 and with article 3 of Law 28/1994, of urban leases, (lease for use other than housing) and will be governed by what is freely agreed in this contract, and everything not included in it. , as determined in Title III of the aforementioned Law and additionally by the provisions of the civil legislation that is supplementary to Law 1/2000, of Civil Procedure, with jurisdiction in the Courts of Madrid, Spain.

The collaborator guarantees the agent to comply with all the rules and regulations applicable in the region where the accommodation is located.
 The agent agrees to:

Facilitate an access of reservation services on the Internet (software / web page) of the agent, so that the apartments can be reserved by final clients through an online reservation system with reservation confirmation.
It offers the Collaborator this service, expanding the information of his accommodation, the translation of texts into different languages ​​and the provision of interesting data of interest for the client.
The agent is responsible for generating reserves for accommodation in case of success charges a commission of 20%, accepted by this agreement.
Parity of prices.

The Collaborator is committed to a total parity of prices, between the different websites and sales channels where his accommodation is published, thus avoiding unfair competition.


On the rate registered by the Contributor and depending on the agreement reached by both parties, the agent adds 20% to the marked rate, the payment of 20% of the reservation will be the agent's commission and will be made when completing the online reservation.

The employee registers the net rate on this extranet, taking into account the price parity.
The collaborator commits to:

Provide the Agent with all the necessary information in order to announce the accommodation and make reservations in any of the Agent's Web pages.
Rent the accommodation according to the rates registered on the website, except when there is mutual understanding between the client, the agent and the accommodation.
To comply with this contract, although for reasons of overbooking rent another accommodation that does not exist on the Web, provided that it is of equal or superior category than the base and that matches the customer's agreement to such change.
Keep the calendar of occupancy and prices updated on the Web, in addition to the control and good management of the reservations that are sent through our Web Page, by email.
The accommodation is responsible for updating the prices and availability of the apartment or apartments to avoid overbooking, if that error is incurred, the owner or manager of the property will be responsible for correcting any damage that may be caused by offering up-to-date information. All the changes that are made, both to the client and to Reservamadrid.com, said changes will have to be accepted by the client.
Provide accurate, updated information about the services, availability, prices and cancellation policy of the accommodation.
Guarantees that all rates, offers and availability are the same at the time of booking and confirmation through the email received, once the email has been received, the confirmation of the reservation is perfectly valid.
In case the accommodation does not update this information (s) correctly, the accommodation has the full responsibility of finding a solution and resolving the resulting disputes directly with the client, keeping the Agent informed at all times of the changes. If the accommodation is complete the Collaborator will have to find a substitute accommodation of similar or higher category than the one hired.
Alternative to the previous clause, is to pay the amount corresponding to the advance made by the client at the time of reservation as long as the client agrees and has not suffered any major damage or has the imminent need for accommodation, if this were the In case the owner will have to assume the responsibility and the expenses that cause the deviation of the reservation. (In the event that the owner or manager of the property discards the overbooking and has to take charge reservamadrid.com, it will reimburse the damages to the owner or manager the damages and losses caused).
To present a clean, tidy accommodation, according to the photos and description of the features registered in the Web page.
There must be clean towels and sheets in the accommodation depending on the number of people hired.
Not charge the client any expense that has not been communicated on our website.
The collaborator must carry out a correct communication (telephone, email, etc.) to meet the client on the day of Check-in.

 Cancellation policy.

The collaborator undertakes to respect and act in accordance with the cancellation policy of Reservamadrid.com.

Contract duration

This contract has an indefinite duration.
The contract can be canceled by either of the parties by writing by email to info@dayapartment.com
In case of cancellation, the reserves generated so far, remain valid.
In case of disagreement, both parties stipulate the Spanish legislation or the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Community where it is exercised.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.



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